Warrior JR LX 40 Hockey Shoulder Pads

By Warrior

These pads look to incorporate the latest upgrades from Warrior creating a great and protective shoulder pad for recreational level players.

To achieve this, Warrior incorporated multi-layered foams in the chest, shoulders, and biceps that help protect players in all the key areas while remaining lightweight and mobile. Throughout the entirety of the pads, the Alpha LX 40 Shoulder Pads feature a mesh fabric liner that helps wick away moisture, keeping players dry and comfortable during gameplay.

Also this year the Alpha LX 40 Shoulder Pads will include new “Lay Flat Straps” which will be easier to use and won’t get caught on your jersey.

If you are player looking for a set of shoulder pads that are low-profile and lightweight, but also protective and comfortable, look no further than the Warrior Alpha LX 40 Shoulder Pads!