CCM Youth JetSpeed Xtra Plus Hockey Shin Guards


New for 2021 are the CCM Jetspeed Xtra Plus Senior Hockey Shin Guards! The Jetspeed Xtra Plus model is exclusive to Sports Excellence stores, and is based off of the Jetspeed FT485's with five higher end upgrades to make it perform better and offer better value. 

  • Knee & Shin Caps - Optimized Anatomical Geometry + JDP Kneecap (White Base Around Kneecap) 
  • Attachment - Upper Lock  Strap w/ Comfort Cushion + Length Adjustable Calf Strap
  • Liner - PE Foam + Removable Liner w/ Thigh Pad + Red Sublimated Liner Throughout
  • Other - Red CCM Logo on Shin Cap
  • Other - Red Fabric at Bottom of Main Liner + Calf Strap Slevee