Wilson Pro Stock Mink Oil Paste

By Wilson

We can’t tell you how important it is to regularly make sure you are doing everything you can to take care of your ball glove. One thing that is a must is to make sure you’re conditioning your glove. Whether it’s a regular conditioning or trying to break in a new glove, Wilson Pro Stock Mink Oil Paste is one of the best in the game. Made of tallow base, natural mink oil, and microcrystalline wax, Pro Stock Mink Oil restores and softens the leather of any baseball or softball glove. If you own a ball glove, which I assume you do, then you need the Wilson Pro Stock Mink Oil Paste.

  • Wilson Mink Oil Paste
  • Paste Blend
  • Top Rated Glove Break-In Oil
  • Wilson Mink Oil makes leather resistant to moisture and water
  • Softens Leather
  • Easy To Apply
  • Extends the life of leather on any glove
  • Works on Baseball & Softball Gloves