CCM INT Ribcore Trigger 2 55 Flex Grip Crosby P29 Hockey Stick


  • Left Handed
  • 55 Flex Grip 
  • INT
  • Crosby P29
  • With a new improved taper and an optimal flex ratio, the ease of loading and the quickness of release is unlike anything on the market. With the addition of an enhanced flex zone in the upper shaft, this stick allows players to load more energy by using their top hand as a lever. 

  • CCM has improved on the taper design of the Ribcor Trigger2 hockey stick. The seamless taper profile offers a smooth transition area that will ultimately help optimize the low kick flex profile. Playing off the improved taper design, CCM has also optimized the vertical flex profile to allow players to move the puck into the ideal shooting position with greater ease. This translates into players being able to bring their stick in close to their body when loading the shot before release. One of the most interesting features of this stick is the crossbow effect. CCM developed this key feature directly from data acquired at its performance lab. The crossbow effect is created by an enhanced flex zone in the upper third of the shaft to allow players to store maximum energy in the upper and lower parts of the shaft.

  • The kick point of the Ribcor Trigger2 hockey stick has been optimized to be a low kick to allow ease and quickness of release. Popmatrix Technology with a Re-Engineered taper make up the construction of this stick. The new geometry offers a smooth transition area to help maximize bending and also efficiently transfer the stored energy. CCM has decided to use one of the lightest and strongest materials on the market in this stick with Sigmatex. Sigmatex is not only ultra-lightweight, but very strong due its high tension weaving process.