Under Armour Unisex UA Assist 2 Polarized Sunglasses


Built to protect your eyes and polarized to reduce glare before, during, and after workouts and games.

  • TRITAN TR18 Polarized lenses are BPA-free & eliminate glare for clearer vision & reduced eye fatigue
  • TRITAN RENEW™ injected front & temples use a BPA-free plastic with up to 50% recycled content
  • TRITAN RENEW™ is a revolutionary solution that transforms waste into durable, safe plastic
  • Built-in nose pads lay flush to prevent hair snagging or pulling when wearing on your head
  • Adjustable temples auto-form around your head for a gentle grip & custom fit
  • Durable, flexible, hypoallergenic & impact-resistant frame with auto-lock stop hinge temples for a secure fit
  • Auto-lock stop hinge allows the temples to lock securely in place for a sturdy fit